Uke (Semi-free fighting drills) introduce the student to combat and partner-work. They graduate from the basic inner and outer blocks, through to head and kick blocks. There are 12 different Uke in the syllabus.

All ukes start with both partners facing each other in Yoi position. The attacker will step back into a stance (left or right, junzuki or fighting stance, depending on the uke being practiced), and will then attack with the prescribed moves.

The defender is the student being tested. They will carry out the defensive moves as noted for each uke. After the defensive moves they will complete a counter attack, there is always a kiai as marked on the finishing technique.

The uke ends with both partners steping back into fighting stance. When Yamai is called they then formally end the combat with respect. The technique for this is difficult to describe and is taught in club.

For further information, follow the links below. These instructions are basic outlines of the techniques and are meant only as an aide-memoire.