Ohyo Kumite
Ohyo Kumite are a set of prearranged semi-free sparring / fighting techniques designed to enable the student to develop individual timing and distance; Ohyo prepares the student for progression to the more rapid combat techniques found in Kihon Kumite.
Ohyo Kumite is conducted in a formal manner with both participants facing each other in their relevant stance. Prior to engagement, both attacker and defender will creep forward or backwards, to obtain the correct distance. This enables the development of spatial awareness and critical timing.  
For further information, follow the links below. These instructions are basic outlines of the techniques and are meant only as an aide-memoire.
Ohyo ipponme (1)
Ohyo gohonme (5)
Ohyo  nihonme (2)
Ohyo  ropponme (6)
Ohyo  sanbonme (3)
Ohyo  nanahomne (7)
Ohyo  yohonme (4)
Ohyo  happonme (8)