Dojo Etiquette
Dojo Etiquette
Please arrive 20 minutes before the class start time so you're ready to warm up.
Traditional white karate Gi's must be worn. Beginners may wear tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, but a Gi must be worn for grading.
Students must bow on entering and exiting the dojo, and when senior grades enter or exit the dojo. This shows the proper respect to your instructor and the study of karate.
Please treat your fellow students with respect and consideration.
Karate is a contact discipline but, as we are not here to hurt or maim our fellow students, karate must be practiced with control and precision.
Dojo Maxims
  • Reisetsu o Mamori - Stick to the rules of the Dojo.
  • Shingi o Omanji - Be loyal to your Instructor.
  • Jojitsu ni Oberesu - Students and Instructors are not all one, never take advantage of his friendship.
  • Shinkenmi ni Tesseyo - Be serious in your efforts.
Clothing and Accessories
When you first join the club you won't need any specialist clothing, you can wear loose training clothes such as a track suit and a t-shirt (most people prefer shorter sleeves when training). However, after a few sessions most student wish to buy a Karate Gi. This is a martial arts suit which is generally 100% cotton and suited to Karate training.
The best place to buy Gi's is generally online, as most sports shops stock few, if any. Your Gi can be embellished with a North East Wado Ryu badge to show that you are a student of the style.
During training sessions we do "pad work", which involves honing technique, accuracy and power on martial arts pads. The club provides these to use free of charge but some students prefer to buy their own for home and club practice.